Garbled thoughts on music

I love Panic! At The Disco’s new album, ‘Death of a Bachelor’. I know, it was released months ago and I am ridiculously late, but for some reason I never got round to listening to it until last month despite being a huge PATD fan. I especially love the song ‘House of Memories’; especially the gradual layering… Continue reading Garbled thoughts on music

My television obsession-Spring 2016

As it seems to become an increasingly large part of my life when I’m on holiday (and let’s be honest, the rest of the time as well) I thought I could talk a bit about what I’m currently watching on tv. The Walking Dead More on this here. Grantchester Surprisingly, I loved the first series… Continue reading My television obsession-Spring 2016

Why I am currently obsessed with The Walking Dead (no spoilers ;))

  I have a confession to make, I really don’t like horror movies. It’s not so much the monsters that you see that scare me the most about them, like the vampires and werewolves and, yes, zombies, though I have to admit that the impressive special effects on The Walking Dead have made me a… Continue reading Why I am currently obsessed with The Walking Dead (no spoilers ;))