My television obsession-Spring 2016

As it seems to become an increasingly large part of my life when I’m on holiday (and let’s be honest, the rest of the time as well) I thought I could talk a bit about what I’m currently watching on tv.

  1. The Walking Dead

More on this here.

  1. Grantchester

Surprisingly, I loved the first series of Grantchester and eagerly awaited its second series. It has several elements that I’m a sucker for- subverted expectations in a character (main character Sidney being a vicar with a penchant for drinking, jazz and solving crimes), an oddball duo (the aforementioned vicar and hardened police detective Geordie), and that one character who is an absolute sweetie with a hidden iron core (Leonard <3). I also love period dramas, especially ones like Grantchester when they really commit to the details of the costume, places and culture. In a recent episode, I was particularly interested in the 1950s hospital set. It’s a crime drama with an interesting twist, without becoming gimmicky, and in my opinion worth a watch.

  1. Thirteen

This I’m not so sure about, but now I’ve started it I NEED to know the answers to all the questions that have emerged over the course of the gripping serial. Thirteen is a dark, gritty and actually quite upsetting at times, show about child abduction and its aftermath, exploring the effect of this devastating event on all of those involved. My main issue with this is the frustratingly black and white view of Ivy of the police (the girl who was abducted thirteen years ago), swinging between victim and criminal with seemingly no acknowledgment of the middle ground.

  1. The Night Manager

When I heard about The Night Manager, I knew I needed to watch it, mostly due to the involvement of both Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. They are two phenomenal actors, and the chance to watch their chemistry on screen in a hero/villain dynamic was too great to pass up. Having watched five out of the six episodes of this series (the last one coming out this Sunday), I am glad to say that it lives up to the automatic hype generated by the involvement of big names. It has a very Bond aura about it, from the lavish opening credits to the locations, and its premise of the British spy Jonathan Pine (Hiddleston) infiltrating a criminal operation headed by a charismatic individual, Richard Roper (Laurie). The script is snappy, the performances amazing, and the tension is palpable as Pine darts about on screen in his efforts to sabotage Roper’s operation. I’ll be sad when this series ends (though a second series has been commissioned! woop woop).

  1. Adventure Time

I’m a long-time fan of Adventure Time, and watching it while being back home has reminded me of how brilliant it is. It’s just so bizarre and weird, yet still so funny and believable in its characterisation and relationships. Like this moment in an episode I recently watched, when Jake (the Dog) has his head on Princess Bubblegum’s lap and Finn (who has an unrequited crush on her) tries to do the same thing and it is such an awkward moment, but so real and convincing, you can literally feel the awkward pause hanging in the air from such a tiny gesture. Also, the writing is hilarious, and the graphics are amazing. Anyone who doesn’t like this show should get ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON!!! (just kidding).



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