Garbled thoughts on music

I love Panic! At The Disco’s new album, ‘Death of a Bachelor’.

I know, it was released months ago and I am ridiculously late, but for some reason I never got round to listening to it until last month despite being a huge PATD fan.

I especially love the song ‘House of Memories’; especially the gradual layering of vocals over the beat, and slightly discordant sound underneath (I really shouldn’t talk about music as I have no idea what I’m saying). And obviously I can’t stop listening to ‘Crazy = Genius’. And ‘Death of a Bachelor’. And ‘Impossible Year’. And I think you get the idea.

I only got into being really passionate about a particular band or artist over the past few years, and I’ve got to say I’ve been loving it. It’s a great feeling when you like something so much that you can listen to the same songs over and over without getting sick of them.

It’s strange, but I actually like the songs more after I’ve listened to them a million times, even the ones I was ambivalent about the first time listening and it’s even got to the point with some that listening to them makes me feel better, more inspired or happy or whatever. Even when I’m doing work; normally I need total silence to concentrate but I’ve recently found that putting on a familiar album in the background helps me make the transition into a ‘writing essays’ frame of mind.

This probably sounds normal to a lot of people, but I think it’s crazy that music can have this effect on people and we almost take it for granted, that a random song we might’ve not thought twice about before, one song in the endless stream of music in the world, comes to have such power over us.

I made my first ever playlist of songs recently, as a kind of auditory diary for my first few months at university. It’s another testament to the power of music that listening to a song can instantly bring you back to a certain point in your life, like whenever I hear Madcon’s ‘Beggin’ (which was constantly playing on the radio at the time) I’m reminded of my first year of high school; journeys to school, pizza on plastic napkins and drama class.

Maybe one day in the future I’ll listen to my playlist and be brought back to my first term at uni.


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