Us by David Nicholls

There’s a chapter in Us by David Nicholls when the narrator stops and retells his story from the point of view of the other key characters. It’s an interesting bit because it clarified something that was in the back of my mind while I was reading the novel, which is how rare it is to […]

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Nostalgia and Playgrounds

Whenever I’m in the car, or (more rarely) walking around, and we pass by a soft play centre or a playground I always feel nostalgic. It’s a strange feeling, as sometimes the sight of it triggers slightly buried memories, like birthday parties at the soft play people use to go to when I was little […]

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#holiday #photography

A few days ago, I came back from a holiday and it’s made me think about the culture of tourist photography, which has grown even more since the rise of smartphones and increase in amateur photography, often linked to social media sites like Instagram.

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