Strong Female Characters

There’s been a lot of contention recently about the definition of a ‘strong female character’, which I find very interesting.

It’s the kind of term that is thrown around a lot when speaking about the role of women in television and film, and it can become very easy to use it unthinkingly when critiquing the problems associated with female representation, as I myself have been guilty of in the past.

It’s all very well and good to demand more strong female characters in our media, but what does that mean?

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Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

I love Greek mythology. I’m an unashamed classics nerd, and love reading ancient epics where half the characters’ names start with ‘poly’ or ‘eum’ (though I do not love having to remember exactly which characters these very similar names belonged to). I love looking at ancient Greek vase paintings and identifying the gods and heroes and stories, and I especially love spotting references to these myths and legends and reading new interpretations of them in later literature.

This almost unhealthy obsession of mine is one of the reasons why I so enjoyed reading Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle, and tore through it in less than one day.

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