Hidden Figures

Who do you think of when someone says “NASA” or “space programme”? Most people would probably think of famous astronauts like Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, fewer people would be able to name the engineers and scientists that made their journeys possible and the names Katherine Goble, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan would most likely… Continue reading Hidden Figures

On the fringes of a community

Lurking on the edges of faceless conversations pretending to understand familiar terms and references, (and secretly looking them up later)   Noncommittal immersal into a world that you want to understand but eventually encountering a thin separating layer that you turn back from unwilling to go further   Alighting and flitting away in quick succession… Continue reading On the fringes of a community


(spoilers) It’s rare nowadays that anything I watch is capable of capturing my attention for longer than twenty minutes, without my succumbing to the temptation of mousing over the video progress bar, opening another tab on my browser or checking my emails- I watch a lot of television on my laptop. Arrival proved to be… Continue reading Arrival

Cometh Up As A Flower by Rhoda Broughton

As part of my degree, I often find myself reading books that I have never heard of and indeed which have largely fallen out of print. Cometh Up As A Flower falls into both of these categories, and also happens to be a very interesting and peculiar book. The first thing that struck me was… Continue reading Cometh Up As A Flower by Rhoda Broughton