On the fringes of a community

Lurking on the edges of faceless conversations

pretending to understand familiar terms and references,

(and secretly looking them up later)


Noncommittal immersal into a world

that you want to understand but


encountering a thin separating layer that you turn back from

unwilling to go further


Alighting and flitting away in quick succession

like a bee with flowers,

except that the bee is me,

and the flowers are metaphorical


Being swept up in tidal waves of emotion,

and ideas and creativity and remorseless optimism,

and occasional group-think

which is an occupational hazard


Elevating the ordinary into celebrity

in a manner unintelligible to others.

Watching others do,

While I observe.


I close the lid of my laptop.


by seeta


Image Credits: Pexels


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