The Bucket-is-Batman List

Exactly what it says on the tin.


1) Dressed in black from head to toe (with guns hidden under his petticoats)

“a man in black”

2) Has his own ‘evil double’ in Mr Tulkinghorn, a lá Batman and the Joker

3) Extremely competent at his job, perhaps even a ‘master detective’?

4) Prone to emerging from the shadows, seemingly out of thin air

“Mr Snagsby is dismayed to see… a person with a hat and stick in his hands, who was not there when he himself came in, and has not since entered by the door or by either of the windows”

5) He is everywhere and nowhere

“Time and place cannot bind Mr Bucket. Like man in the abstract, he is here today and gone tomorrow”

6) Undertakes a wide variety of morally dubious activities while investigating the case

 “He’s the hero [London] deserves, but not the one it needs right now”
7) Presents a smiling and easy-going façade to the world

“Mr Bucket pervades a vast number of houses, and strolls about an infinity of streets: to outward appearance rather languishing in want of an object”

8) Works friendless and alone, excepting a faithful companion who remains at home (*cough* Alfred *cough*)

9) Inspires both fear and respect amongst the people

“he is possessed by an extraordinary terror of this person who ordered him to keep out of the way; in his ignorance he believes this person to be everywhere, and cognisant of everything”

I personally think that this is more than enough to prove my case, but for those of you who still doubt what is staring you right in the face, here is the final irrefutable proof that Mr Bucket and Batman are- and always have been- the same person.

10) Both ‘Bucket’ and ‘Batman’ begin with B, contain two syllables and have six letters. Six plus two is eight, which is the age that Bruce Wayne was when his parents were murdered (according to some writers). Six minus two is four, which is also coincidentally the same number of letters in the word ‘well’. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne gains his phobia of bats after falling down a well. What else would you normally find down a well? A bucket.


Coincidence? I think not.


Quotations from Bleak House by Charles Dickens
Header Image Credits: Kevin Dooley/Flickr
Body Image Credits: Scanned by George P Landow/Victorian Web



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