Top Ten: Female Characters

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it took me a lot of time to whittle it down to just ten. But here it is: just a few female characters from literature that I consider to be interesting and well-written. I also tried to pick examples which highlight that a ‘strong female character’… Continue reading Top Ten: Female Characters

The most elegant anime of all time? Perhaps so.

Neo Yokio is the greatest city in the world, or its worst specimen of destructively wasteful consumer capitalism- depending on who you ask. It is also the name of a Japanese-American animated television series which has been the source of much internet controversy and criticism. From the moment I pressed play on the first episode… Continue reading The most elegant anime of all time? Perhaps so.


Everyone's thought about it, at some point. From the moment we realise that there is a whole wide world outside our homes, the radius of our awareness is constantly expanding- from our street, to our neighbourhood; to other countries and continents, until finally we realise just how miniscule a place our planet occupies in the… Continue reading Sense8

The Crown

I’ve nearly finished watching the first season of The Crown and I don’t know what to say about it. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock the past few years, The Crown is a Netflix drama ostensibly about Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family, but which also acts as a kind… Continue reading The Crown

Top Ten: ‘Classic’ Fiction

For a few years, I was that kid who would read 'classic' literature for fun, primarily to appear precocious and be able to say I had read them. Thankfully I grew out of that habit, but here are a few books which I actually did enjoy reading. No, Moby Dick did not make the cut. The Master… Continue reading Top Ten: ‘Classic’ Fiction

Top Ten: Historical Fiction

These are just a few of my favourite historical fiction novels, hopefully including some you might not have come across! Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel The first in a trilogy about Henry VIII’s advisor Thomas Cromwell, this novel succeeds in painting a compelling picture of this complex and multi-layered man and player in history. Some… Continue reading Top Ten: Historical Fiction