Long books are the best

I’m tired of seeing All those pamphlets in bookshops. You know the ones: Pieces of paper stapled together With a block colour cover and fancy lettering. Give me a doorstopper A brick that will weigh down my bag And crush my packed lunch crisp packet. Paperback, not hardback though I’m not completely insane   by […]

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She sits like a queen on her wooden stool Cool and confident mistress of her land She weaves and sings   Kingdoms have palaces Empty signifiers of power like shiny gems and pretty trinkets. The lion at her elbow and the whispers of the spirits Have a different meaning.   Her dominion is green and […]

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She can barely contain her excitement.   When the young hero came to Crete She knew this was her opportunity To escape And so she slipped him the string.   [ Worth the sacrifice of her poor half-brother Who admittedly was still bloody and begrimed With the blood of strong and beautiful Athenian girls and […]

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Her first sighting of him is a sliver through a doorway He is undoubtedly beautiful in his prime Rough from the road with his golden hair and beard in snarls And arrogant, leaning back in his chair in the presence of her father Who is talking on in his kingly voice that she adopts in […]

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Lying awake on a stone cold slab She contemplates the choices that led her to this place. No, there were no choices Only an illuminated path before her Each step rooted down in ancient laws dictated by those with far more power Than a heretical politician claiming to be captain of the ship of state […]

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Tracing the letters in the dust “Sorrow! Sorrow!” she cries All her faith placed in those who would sell her.   The jealous wife points with a long gnarled finger Directing her ire towards an easy target It’s a poison touch from heaven Meanwhile they do nothing, nothing to help.   He stands by, shrugging […]


Children of the Moon

Children of the moon Shine their eyes down at us   They wait til the clouds part, just like we look at a snow globe. They wonder why some areas are so dark while others are decorated with tiny pinpricks of light, some are rough and knobbly, others flat and slick. it must be a […]

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