Review: Doctor Who: Kerblam!

This week’s episode of Doctor Who takes our heroes to a shocking dystopian future where one gigantic company has a monopoly over basically every product on the market and has set up a massive warehouse that covers the surface of a moon. It also exposes a prejudice shared by a significant proportion of the population, […]

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Review: American Vandal Season 2

Long-time readers of this blog will remember my glowing review of the first season of American Vandal which aired last year; and my disbelief that a spoof true crime doc based around dick jokes actually turned out to be a funny, devastating critique of stereotyping and the struggle to find a place in this world […]

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Twelve Underrated Television Shows

  GLOW Gorgeous ladies with sad backstories wrestle and find a family against a neon 80s backdrop. Anne With an E Anne of Green Gables with buckets of heart and soul, plus a darker edge and a social conscience. Mr Student Body President Veep but with high schoolers. Trollhunters Lovable teenage weirdos battle the forces […]

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The End of the F***ing World

I love road trip movies. I love the oddball group of characters who start off hating each other and end up as a family, the unnecessarily over-the-top makeovers and disguises, the quirky roadside attractions, the weird and wonderful people they encounter, and the heartfelt and sincere conclusion to the trip usually accompanied by a grand […]

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One Day at a Time

I’ve recently become obsessed with the Netflix original sitcom One Day at a Time. It’s loosely based on a 70s-80s sitcom of the same name, and centres around three generations of a Cuban-American family all living together in one apartment. The general concept and style reminds me a bit of black-ish, in its juxtaposition of […]

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