The Bucket-is-Batman List

Exactly what it says on the tin.


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Is Rick and Morty ‘proper’ sci-fi?

I was watching Irish people on YouTube react to Rick and Morty when one of them said something that stuck in my mind: ‘I don’t consider [Rick and Morty] sci-fi though’. 

That got me thinking: what is it about Rick and Morty that differentiates it in the minds of the average media consumer from the rest of science fiction?

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What’s the most compelling piece of theatre you’ve ever seen? Some may name a legendary production of Hamlet they once saw, others might maintain that nothing will ever be more dramatic than the latest groundbreaking one-man play, more people would probably cite a scene from a gritty American box-set like Breaking Bad or The Wire.

Me, I can say with absolute certainty that the best and most compelling piece of theatre I’ve ever had the fortune to witness is this short six and a half minute clip from the popular television game show Golden Balls.


North and South vs Pride and Prejudice: the battle of the century!

I have to admit, when I first came to the end of North and South I eagerly turned to the next page and thought, is that it?

I think that my initial surprise was due to the fact that throughout the entire novel I was subconsciously comparing North and South to Pride and Prejudice and the ending above all highlights the fact that despite superficial similarities, the two novels are very different.

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Classical Civilisation A Level Scrapped: Why?

After I heard the news about the Classical Civilisations A Level being scrapped, I honestly can’t remember ever being so shocked and angered on a personal level about the terrible educational changes over the past few years. I was, of course, angered by the announcement about the changing of the grading system of GCSEs and more recently the scrapping of Art History A Level, but neither of these struck as much as a personal chord with me as this did.

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Strong Female Characters

There’s been a lot of contention recently about the definition of a ‘strong female character’, which I find very interesting.

It’s the kind of term that is thrown around a lot when speaking about the role of women in television and film, and it can become very easy to use it unthinkingly when critiquing the problems associated with female representation, as I myself have been guilty of in the past.

It’s all very well and good to demand more strong female characters in our media, but what does that mean?

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writing worries (me)

I worry too much about what I write and that’s why I’m hesitant about writing professionally.

I worry about how it will be received, if it will offend anyone, if I’m qualified enough to talk about whatever subject I’m writing about, if people will comment pointing out the gross generalisation I made writing about something I don’t know much about. The list goes on.

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