New Pompeii by Daniel Godfrey

If I had to sum up my reaction to New Pompeii in one sentence it would be this: interesting premise, uninspiring execution.

That’s not to say that it contains no positive features, as it definitely does, but I was largely underwhelmed by the plot, narration and characters.

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The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

I am torn and I am mended – I want everything and need nothing – I love you and I am content without you.

Even so, come quickly!”

It’s not often that I read a book which I feel like I can recommend to everyone, a book that I believe both my mother and my best friend- people who have generally disparate albeit overlapping tastes- will get something out of.

So, on the occasion that I stumble across a book of this rare and special type, like The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, it is generally a very rare and special book indeed.

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