Children of the Moon

Children of the moon

Shine their eyes down at us


They wait til the clouds part,

just like we look at a snow globe.

They wonder why some areas are so dark

while others are decorated with tiny pinpricks of light,

some are rough and knobbly,

others flat and slick.

it must be a design flaw, they think.


Sometimes, someone on earth looks up

While someone on the moon looks down

And their eyes meet

Although neither of them know it.


by seeta


Featured Image: rkarkowski/Pixabay


The clouds are edged with gold as if someone has drawn around them with a highlighter pen, and in between them great gaping tears in the fabric with soft corners where the evening sun shines through, a portal to another place floating away from me inch by inch. I wish I could paint so I could capture the smudged grey-blue of the clouds, delicately illuminated from the centre like a palette brought to life. The contrast between the stormy grey, the pale amber, the sky blue, all shot through with white trails.

I fiddle with my phone, take a few shots and look down, and when I turn back it has gone.


Image Credits: Seeta Parmar